A new theory in physics claims to solve the mystery of consciousness
Consciousness can not simply be reduced to neural activity alone, researchers say. A novel study reports the dynamics of consciousness may be understood by a newly developed conceptual and mathematical framework

SleepLoop, a newly designed mobile system, can help promote deep sleep through auditory brain stimulation
The device tracks when a person enters slow-wave brain activity, triggering an auditory signal that helps synchronize neurons and enhance the slow waves

TikTok brain explained: Why some kids seem hooked on social feeds
The dopamine rush of endless short videos makes it hard for young viewers to switch their focus to slower-moving activities. ‘We’ve made kids live in a candy store.’

The brains of creative people work differently
The brains of highly creative people appear to work differently from those who are less creative in terms of connectivity, a new study reports

Brand-new brain pathway to fear discovered
The sensory cortex, not the amygdala, is responsible for storing fear memories from past experiences, a new study reports

Brain implant lets man with complete paralysis spell out thoughts: ‘I love my cool son.’

Snap buys brain-computer interface startup Nextmind for future AR glasses
NextMind made a headband for controlling virtual objects with your thoughts

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World’s first treatment of rheumatoid arthritis using nerve stimulation
Electrical stimulation of nerves is potentially a new treatment class in auto-immune and other diseases

Cheaper EEG device could drive "Home Lab" movement
Scientists have developed a device for recording brain activity that is more compact and affordable than the solutions currently on the market

Can brain stimulation improve memory formation?
Electrical stimulation improves verbal memory for those with responsive neurostimulation implants when activated during certain memory tasks

Researchers use brain signals to enable a person to input text or commands into a computer
Brain-connected technology opens communications doors for those with physical impairments

Scientists develop first-of-its-kind wireless neuromodulation device
Engineers and researchers in the Institute of Bioelectronic Medicine at The Feinstein Institutes for Medical Research have developed a novel fully-implantable wireless bidirectional vagus nerve stimulation

Elon Musk’s brain implant company prepares for first human trials
Neuralink is recruiting a clinical trial director, indicating that the firm is getting closer to testing implants in human brains

New compact and affordable device for recording brain activity
The more convenient and affordable such devices become, the more chances there are this would drive the home lab movement

A new overview of Kernel's 2,000 channels non-invasive Brain-Computer Interface:
Kernel Flow: a wearable device for noninvasive optical brain imaging

The free-energy principle explains the brain
The free-energy principle can explain how neural networks minimize energy costs and are optimized for efficiency

What AI could be like when you plug a computer into your brain
Individual artificial intelligence: A new technology that could change our world

Neurotech company will use Magic Leap 2 against vertigo
The new headset can track eye movement more accurately.

Decoding inner language to treat brain speech disorders
What if it were possible to decode the internal language of individuals using a BCI?

Neurotech for intuitive human-machine interactions and faster gaming:
Waterloo’s Engineering Bionics Lab is a hub of innovation for interfaces and technologies that augment human capabilities

Brain-Computer Interface startup NeuroXess receives $15.2 million investment
Chinese brain-computer interface developer NeuroXess has raised USD15.2 million in funding from major investors Shanda Group and Sequoia Capital.

Raspberry Pi enables open source Brain-Computer Interface
An electroencephalography add-on board will be crowdfunding soon

NeuroCROWN, a next-gen implantable neurotechnology is to receive a $2.8M NIH grant
Dartmouth to Co-lead $2.8M NIH Grant to develop next-generation soft electronic neural probes
Jan 11

Exercise alters brain chemistry to protect aging synapses
Older adults who remain active have more of a class of proteins that enhance synapses to help maintain healthy cognitive function
Jan 11

Digital mental health company showcases brainwave measurement helmet
iMediSync, a company in South Korea, showcased a wireless dry electroencephalogram measurement device called "iSyncWave"
Jan 9

ALS patient posted 1st tweet using a Brain-Computer Interface
The article describes how the device works
Jan 7

What is Neuralink? Everything you need to know
If you’re new to the conceptof Neuralink, then here we have elaborated on everything about Neuralink and what is Neuralink in the first place
Jan 5

Applications of nanotechnologies in brain implants
By stimulating, recording or blocking neural signals, brain implants can be used to assist scientific and medical research
Jan 4

The biggest brain maps ever created are pushing the frontiers of neuroscience
Connectomics gives access to the actual circuitry of the brain
Jan 3

Summary of achievements in brain tech in 2021
The big promises and potentially bigger consequences of neurotechnology
Jan 2

Researchers develop Brain-Computer Interface that matches music to your mood
The technology uses neurofeedback to set the music's rhythm, tempo and structure
Jan 1

Some of the biggest brain-related developments of 2021
From a Nobel prize and photosynthesis-powered brains to sleep research
Dec 31

Mind-controlled robots a step closer to realization
Researchers have been working for years to build devices that tetraplegic patients can control using their thoughts and perform certain activities independently.
Dec 29

Novel carbon-based biosensors set to revolutionize Brain-Controlled robotics
Carbon-based biosensor overcomes three challenges of graphene-based biosensing: corrosion, durability, and skin-contact resistance
Dec 28

How could a “Breakthrough” Brain-Computer Interface help patient
Brain-computer interface (BCI) developer Blackrock Neurotech has announced that its MoveAgain BCI has received Breakthrough Device designation from the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA).
Dec 27

Worldwide campaign for Neurorights notches its first win
Chile plans to ban the sale of brain data
Dec 27

Scientists create mind-blowing tool to 'see' millions of brain cell connections in mice
To solve the mysteries of how learning and memory occur, Johns Hopkins Medicine scientists have created a system to track millions of connections among brain cells in mice—all at the same time—when...
Dec 25

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